Judi Williams Moraw

Southern author Judi Williams Moraw couples 33 years of law enforcement experience with history and folklore in her crime novels starring Allie Babineaux and Special Investigator Jaxon “Jax” Girard. Learn more about her books and the author herself below.

With Sad Hearts

It is with sad hearts we announce the passing of Judith Williams Moraw.  After suffering a massive stroke in early December 2017, she was beset by complications and after 4 months of fighting, she passed away on April 18.  In her final days she was surrounded by loving family who are grateful that she is at peace and reunited once again with her deceased husband, Allan, who she described as the love of her life.

Judi Williams Moraw

Judi Williams Moraw

Wife, Mother, Friend, Author, Co-Worker, Not-So-Lucky Pokeno Player, Traveler

Memorial Bookmarks

As her friends and fans know, Judi was planning to print her books.  In fact, just two weeks before her stroke, she had begun making arrangements to offer printed versions of her books through Amazon!

Her daughters would love to continue this work on her behalf in the coming months.  The initial costs will total approximately $1,000.  To help alleviate that cost and to give her friends and fans a way to remember her, we are selling handmade bookmarks in several styles.  Each piece is handcrafted in a smoke-free environment and 100% of profits will be used to publish Judi’s completed books.

All Bets Are Off

After reconnecting at a family funeral, former high school sweethearts Allie Babineaux and Special Investigator Jax Girard happen upon a horrific accident: one female victim in a mysterious one-car collision. Allie and Jax team up to prove it was more than a simple traffic accident.

Hell’s Gate

Allie Babineaux’s birthday celebration leads to the investigation of a murder, ten years cold – the bizarre slaying of a young Choctaw which pulls Jaxon Girard onto area waterways in search of answers. Only time will tell who killed the talented and well-liked young man and why.

The Pelican on Egret Cove

A little R&R on the Mississippi Gulf Coast brings Allie Babineaux and Jaxon Girard to an unusual auction on the beach to benefit post-Katrina cleanup. They are drawn headlong into a cold murder case which is somehow connected to two other deaths; can they connect the dots?

Inside the Glass Garden

Allie Babineaux and Jaxon Girard opt to volunteer as guides at the Bogalusa Train Station Museum; strangely enough, Allie is slowly but surely pulled into the world of the paranormal. Her efforts to learn about a relative she never knew disclose a whole new world to Allie and Jax.

No Stone Unturned

Allie Babineaux Girard moves an antique desk and chair from her childhood home into the house she shares with Jaxon. Almost immediately, eerie, paranormal things begin to happen, leaving the couple baffled. What will it take to identify the spirit and learn what it needs from them?

Happy readers.
CAROLYN SEIDEL on Hell's Gate:      
"I just got through reading the first seven chapters of Hell’s Gate and my 1st question to you is 'Why have you not published this?' I have been reading all morning and just couldn’t stop."
MARY LEVIGNE on Inside the Glass Garden:      
"I have to say this is the most intriguing of all your books. Each one has pulled me in and I have thoroughly enjoyed them but this one has me sitting on the edge of the seat anxiously awaiting more. Good job, well done."