Life’s Little Treasures

I had not read this piece in some years, but as I reread it today, I cried yet again. My day did not begin like most others. Presley had been with me for an extended visit while Tamara was out of town, so I found myself running...

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Inside the Glass Garden

Allie Babineaux and Jaxon Girard opt to volunteer as guides at the Bogalusa Train Station Museum; strangely enough, Allie is slowly but surely pulled into the world of the paranormal. Her efforts to learn about a relative she never knew disclose a whole new world to Allie and Jax.

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The Pelican on Egret Cove

A little R&R on the Mississippi Gulf Coast brings Allie Babineaux and Jaxon Girard to an unusual auction on the beach to benefit post-Katrina cleanup. They are drawn headlong into a cold murder case which is somehow connected to two other deaths; can they connect the dots?

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Hell’s Gate

Allie Babineaux’s birthday celebration leads to the investigation of a murder, ten years cold – the bizarre slaying of a young Choctaw which pulls Jaxon Girard onto area waterways in search of answers. Only time will tell who killed the talented and well-liked young man and why.

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All Bets Are Off

After reconnecting at a family funeral, former high school sweethearts Allie Babineaux and Special Investigator Jax Girard happen upon a horrific accident: one female victim in a mysterious one-car collision. Allie and Jax team up to prove it was more than a simple traffic accident.

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