By Presley Cole Norman and Judi Williams Moraw
November 12, 2009

And then, there were grandchildren…and what a wonderful blessing you are! You give my life purpose, you make me smile, and you return my devotion in too many ways to count. I love you guys with all my heart!

– Granny

Hi! My name is Presley and I am three years old. Granny took this photograph of my sister, Cheyenne, and me, standing by her car.

We like riding in Granny’s car. Sometimes we run quick errands; other times, we make long road trips with her. It is always fun, though, because Granny’s car is special. It is filled with dancing rainbows.

What?!? You don’t believe me? Well, let me tell you how I know about Granny’s dancing rainbows.

One day, not too long ago, Granny and I were on our way to her house. It had been a busy day and I was pretty tired. I stretched out in my car seat so I could rest during the drive home. But, suddenly I noticed a flash of light moving across the dashboard of the car. I sat up taller to see what it was and saw more and more flashes of colored light, dancing across the dashboard of Granny’s car.

“Granny, I see rainbows in your car.”

Granny smiled and asked, “Are they dancing?”

“Yes, Granny, they are. They are dancing in your car.”

“What colors do you see, Presley?” Granny asked.

“I see red…..…..and yellow……….and green. What colors do you see, Granny?”

“Oh, I see red, yellow, and green. But I think I see blue, too,” Granny answered.

Just then, Granny made a left turn and all the rainbows disappeared. “Uh-oh! All the rainbows are gone. Where did they go? We have to find Granny’s dancing rainbows!”

“It’s okay, Presley. They’re not really gone. They are just taking a break; they are resting behind a cloud for a few minutes; but they’ll be back.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely!”  Granny said as she made a right turn onto her street.

Just as quickly as the rainbows had hidden behind a cloud, they suddenly appeared again, dancing inside the car. What a pretty show of colors!

“How did they do that, Granny?”

Reaching up toward her rearview mirror, Granny touched a beautiful silver angel hanging there. She showed me the big, clear stone dangling from the bottom of the angel.“This is Granny’s crystal,” she said. “It’s supposed to bring me good luck, but what it seems to bring me over and over are these wonderful, dancing rainbows. When the sun shines on Granny’s crystal, it makes beautiful colors that look like tiny, little rainbows. The movement of my car makes them dance around all over the place. Hmmm…I think that might be too much information for you. Let’s explain it this way, Presley. Granny’s car is special. It is full of little rainbows that dance around on sunny days but disappear when the sun hides behind a cloud.”

“Granny, I like your car and I like your rainbows. Has Cheyenne seen them, too?”

“I think she has. But do you know who hasn’t seen them yet?” she asked.

“No, Granny. Who hasn’t seen them?”

“Baby Katelyn, your new cousin. She is only four weeks old, and she has never been for a ride in Granny’s car,” she explained.

“Granny, when Katelyn gets bigger, can I tell her about the dancing rainbows?”

“Better than that, Presley, you and Cheyenne can show them to her,” Granny said.

So, now you know how I know about Granny’s dancing rainbows. And my Granny wouldn’t have told me this story, if it weren’t the truth!

(And now we have Elijah Stevens Jackson, born in 2014.)