In 1924 we installed a grounded telephone system for the GREAT SOUTHERN LUMBER COMPANY firewatch stations in the pine forests near Bogalusa, La. These stations were manned by retired employees of the lumber company. At one station, an old timer discouraged us, saying, “‘Tain’t no good to hang that contraption on the wall, ’cause I can’t hear worth a darn.”

After we installed the telephone, we called one of his old pals at another station and asked him to talk. The old timer listened a few moments, turned to us in amazement, and said, “In all tarnations, that’s the best I heard in 20 years.”

— E. J. Good, New Orleans

I can’t help wondering how my folks would have viewed all the technological changes we have seen these last ten to fifteen years. I remember Mother trying to grasp how a computer worked and Daddy talking about the advent of cellular bag phones. He even had one he kept in their car at all times. Did he ever use it? I doubt it was often, if at all. What would he think of people using cell service more than landline service today? I believe he would be amazed.

What other forms of technology have influenced your day to day life?