Allie reached into the darkness, trying to touch it; but found it altogether elusive, ethereal. Unsure what loomed before her, she edged forward tentatively, nonetheless eager for a better look. Her efforts were to no avail; it was faster, craftier than she, always escaping her grasp. Suddenly, a clap of thunder rang through the silence, rattling the entire house.

Allie shot straight up, her eyes wide open, haunted by the last image she had seen in her fleeting dream, just one of many she had experienced of late. Brilliant snatches of amber and green, various shapes and colors, reaching out and up toward the heavens but obscured behind a pristine span of white feathers. “Mother Egret, is that you?” Allie half-whispered, half-lip synced so as not to disturb Jaxon who was sleeping soundly beside her, seemingly unaware of the severe weather which had awakened her.

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