I found this brief paragraph saved with other pieces I have written over the years. I vaguely remember a dreary morning in November, 2011, which began with those words glaring at me from a Facebook post. I barely knew the individual responsible but was quite shaken by the flagrant manner in which he posted those two small words, two little words that had a huge effect on me. I spent that morning contacting mutual friends, people who knew the individual better than I did, trying to be sure he was okay.

Let’s have some fun with this. Since I never went any further with the story, tell me where you see this tale going. Give me details. This could get interesting.

“KILL ME!” How could those two words, with but one meaning, be used as one’s status on Facebook? Reading it again sent chills up Allie’s spine. What a terrible way to start any morning! Not funny! Could someone actually find humor in such dramatics? Or were the words written in earnest? If so, meant for whose eyes? Could they have been posted there for her to see? So much had happened over the years that inexplicably lead Allie to this moment in her life. Significant personal history suddenly lay heavy on her heart, pulsing there just below the surface of her memory, history that must be considered before accurately weighing the import of those two words on life as Allie has always known it.