Allie absentmindedly reached for her duster as she considered the questions pounding away at her. Working her way from left to right, she disturbed dust bunnies long resting in the mail slots, resulting in an awakening of allergies she couldn’t control. As she finally stopped sneezing and reached for the last slot, she quickly realized a gargantuan spider had tiptoed from its hiding place there and was skittering toward her, giving Allie a genuine fright. She attacked the creepy-crawly with the duster as though it were an eight foot, three hundred pound ogre; but during her killing frenzy, she must have accidentally pounded a spring-loaded area secreted well within the roll top. She froze as the screeching sound of wood scraping against wood literally offended her sensibilities.

Grabbing a flashlight, Allie looked first to be sure the spider was completely lifeless and then to ascertain the source of the raspy, scraping noise.

What in the heck had just happened?

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