In your opinion, is there anything sweeter than honey? It is hard to say; but this week I received a sweet, sweet surprise, revolving around the subject of honey. Let me explain.

On May 24, 2016, one of my all-time favorite authors will release her latest book, FLIGHT PATTERNS. Karen White has a knack for spinning stories filled with lovable (and less-than-lovable) characters involved in scenarios which feed off human nature. Her books hold my attention from first word to last. Her characters feel real to me. So, you can imagine I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this most recent work, FLIGHT PATTERNS, anticipating what story she might share with her readers this time.

Some weeks ago, one of her posts caught my attention as it came across my Facebook News Feed. In promotion of her latest book, Karen White was hosting a contest, her goal to compile enough recipes made with honey to publish a cookbook. Her plan was to use the cookbook as a giveaway to encourage advance ordering of her forthcoming book. She asked her readers to submit recipes for consideration and the rest is history.

I was notified by email that the recipe I submitted for Honeyed Pecans would be included in her cookbook, KISS OF HONEY. As if that were not honor enough, I will receive an autographed first edition of her book and a free copy of the cookbook. Now, that is sweet.

An old, French proverb reminds us, “Honey is sweet but bees sting.” It appears I got lucky this time; I got the honey without the sting.